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Brian Harris

13 Surprising Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry skin, Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry skin is a widespread problem. In fact, more than half of older people have dry skin.

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Treatments may be expensive. Read on to learn how these 13 home remedies for dry skin could be the answer to your problems.

What Is Dry Skin?

Dry skin sounds like a common but trivial ailment. To the people who suffer from cracked skin, soreness, and irritation it’s far from that. It can be distressing and severely uncomfortable throughout the day and night.

The causes of dry skin including environmental factors such as low humidity in the air, winds, and hot weather.

Dry skin can also be caused or exacerbated by the indoor environment. Air-conditioning can remove the moisture from the indoor environment and even from the air in your car. This then dries out the skin.

Why Home Remedies for Dry Skin?

There are many skin care products available to treat dry skin. Some are the kind of product that a dermatologist might prescribe to treat dry skin and associated skin conditions. Many are pseudoscientific products with little in the way of clinical trial evidence for their effectiveness.

These over-the-counter products sometimes claim to have credibility because they contain some of the natural remedies that have stood the test of time. At the same time, they can contain damaging ingredients such as fragrances and alcohol. These are damaging to the skin and are best avoided.

Why not use natural remedies directly. They are often much cheaper and can be as if not more effective than their over-packaged over-the-counter alternatives.

1. Olive Oil

Sooth your dry skin by smoothing on olive oil. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for extra richness.

It can be used as both a moisturizer and cleanser. Once you’ve let the oil sit on your skin for a few minutes under a warm, damp cloth, wipe it off gently. Leave a thin layer of oil on your skin to protect and moisturize it.

2. Humidifier

A major cause of dry skin is a dry atmosphere. This dryness can be caused by home and office air-conditioning systems and heating systems too. When the air is dry moisture is drawn out of your skin into the dryer air around it.

Reduce the drying effect of your air conditioning by putting the moisture back into the air. You can do this by using a humidifier for eczema and dry skin relief.

A humidifier is a natural remedy because it replaces the water vapor that is naturally in your home’s atmosphere. This moisture is removed artificially by heating and air conditioning. It’s as simple and wholesome as replacing pure water so that your skin doesn’t dry out.

3. Avocado Mask

A face mask made from avocado can hydrate the dry skin on your face. It’s soothing and moisturizing at the same time.

Increase the benefits by adding other good stuff. Olive oil and honey improve the texture and beneficial effect. Mash half an avocado together with a teaspoon of oil and two teaspoons of honey and apply the paste to your face.

After relaxing for 20 minutes, wash off the mask. Apply a simple moisturizer to get even more hydrating results.

4. Sugar

You wouldn’t expect sugar to be good for your skin. Surprisingly, you can use sugar to improve your skin condition without eating it.

Mix some sugar with olive oil to make an effective exfoliating scrub. Use a gentle circular rubbing action to exfoliate the dry skin revealing a new healthy layer below. It’s not only effective at removing the dry skin but it also lacks the damaging chemicals, alcohol, and artificial fragrances of the expensive products you can buy at the beauty counter.   

5. Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal has calming qualities when applied to the skin. As recommended by many health and beauty blogs, simply put a cup of it in your bath and soak away your stress. The soothing oatmeal and the relaxation will both be beneficial to your dry skin.

6. Oatmeal Mask

Apply oatmeal more directly to your skin in an oatmeal face mask. The oatmeal’s mixture of fatty acids and sugars helps your skin retain moisture. This reduces inflammation and soreness especially when mixed with a little honey.

7. Coconut Oil

Natural oils are beneficial to your skin but coconut oil seems to be especially helpful. The effectiveness of coconut oil as a treatment for dermatitis has been clinically tested and found to be superior to mineral oil.

Apply it directly to your skin or pour a little into your bathwater. Use it to treat rough skin on your heels or hands.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is good to eat but did you know you could put it directly onto your skin to treat dry skin conditions? Don’t try using fruit and sugar-filled yogurt. Plain yogurt is what you need.

Spread a thin coating of plain yogurt on to your skin, especially on any especially dry areas. Leave it to do its work for 15 minutes. Wash off with water. Its anti-inflammatory effect is very soothing especially if used directly from the refrigerator.

9. Honey

Honey is well known as a soothing and sweetening natural product. It also contains antimicrobial qualities. This helps protect your skin from the infections that inflame and damage your skin.

Apply a little honey to especially dry areas for added protection. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse away.

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe is a common ingredient in many cosmetics and soaps. These products hope to use the healing and calming benefits of the plant but they tend to have very small amounts of the aloe in the product.

Why not keep an aloe plant and take the juice from the leaves and apply it directly to your skin. 

11. Milk

Milk is an anti-inflammatory. It can be used in a compress to calm the skin and to relieve itchiness. It worked for Cleopatra who was said to bathe in milk.

Rather than fill your bath with milk, try adding a gallon or two of milk to a cooling bath. Alternatively, soak a cloth in milk and stroke your body with it. Rinse off the milk afterward to avoid a sour milk smell.

12. Fewer Showers

A natural remedy that may be very effective is to allow your skin’s natural oils to protect your skin. Showering a little less may mean that you strip less of the skin’s natural skin protection.

13. Water

Drinking more water can help your general health. It’s also good for dry skin. Drinking more water improves skin hydration.

Dry Skin Care

Caring for dry skin using these home remedies for dry skin reduces irritation and infection. Healthier skin is happier skin. Treat yourself to happier skin.

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