Brian Harris

10 Tips For a Seamless Home AC Installation Process

The summer season is quickly approaching, and you want your home to be prepared for the hot days ahead. Installing a new air conditioning unit can be intimidating, but thankfully there are some tips you can follow to ensure a successful installation process. The following ten tips will help ensure your AC installation goes off without a hitch. 

1. Choose an experienced professional who understands local codes and regulations. You should hire someone who has experience in installing air conditioners, so you can get quality results. Make sure to ask for references and check their credentials before hiring them. 

2. Consider the size of your home when selecting an AC unit. Larger homes typically require bigger units, while smaller spaces may need smaller ones. An HVAC installer can help you choose the appropriate AC size.

3. Ensure the AC unit is properly installed to a secure wall or frame. Even if you choose a smaller unit, it should be attached securely to prevent accidents or damage over time.

4. Ensure that the unit has adequate ventilation and airflow while running. Doing so can help your home get an optimal supply of cool air during the hot summer months.

5. Double-check that all necessary ductwork and wiring are in place before turning on the AC unit for the first time. Failing to do so could result in costly repairs down the road. 

6. Have a professional inspect your existing electrical system to ensure that there won’t be too much strain on the system when running the air conditioning unit.

7. Clean the air filters before using your AC unit. Dirty filters can cause problems with airflow and efficiency, leading to higher energy bills in the long run. 

8. Contact local authorities if you need an outdoor installation for your AC unit as there may be some additional regulations that need to be followed. 

9. Consider installing a programmable thermostat for more convenience and control over your home’s temperature settings. 

10. Have any necessary maintenance done regularly by a professional HVAC contractor to keep your air conditioner running optimally and efficiently throughout its life span. 

By following these ten tips, your home AC installation process will surely go as smoothly as possible. Do your research and choose an experienced professional for the job. Schedule your home AC installation today!