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What Prizes Can Be Won in Shopclues Lucky Draw Contest?

Just like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, and other platforms, this new year, Shopclues has also provided some of the best gifts to win in the online lucky draw contest.

These lucky draw contests are attracting more and more customers to make the online purchase from Shopclues. The fact that all the customers are winning some of the other gifts after shopping. 

Some of the standard gifts that can be won in the Shopclues lucky Draw Contests include:

  • XUV 500 as the first prize
  • Swift desire as the second prize in the contest
  • R15 bike as the third prize,
  • Apart from that, the users have the chance to win the other small gifts like TV, refrigerator and other electronic items.

If you want to know more about the contest you can approach Shopclues lucky draw helpline. They would provide you with all the information for the same and also how to play. If you have any doubts regarding the same and on how the winners are selected, they will provide you with all the details.

Are There Any Frauds That Associate With The Online Lucky Draw Contests:

Yes, as the fact is right that Shopclues prizes are exciting, and many users are winning it; there is a truth that there are many frauds who are taking benefit out of this contest.

Shopclues is receiving thousands of online shopping lucky draw complain every day. Many users are losing the money from their bank accounts on the name of lucky draw. So, before you face any such issues, it is better that you understand and evaluate all the terms and conditions of the contest.

Customer care is always there to help you, but you should be alert at your end. Never provide any personal information to any of the person calling you on the name of shop clues contest.

The first thing to remember is the only mode of communication from the Shopclues is through your official email id. Even in case, the customer support team calls you; they will never ask you about any personal information. It is because only the registered users with the Shopclues have the chance of winning. So, they are already available with all your data.

Apart from that, they are not going to send or transfer the cash prize to your account, that they require your account number. So, the rewards are mentioned on the website, do not get excited on the news of winning, and provide all your information to the fraud caller.

. Final Words:

It is good to be excited about winning, but making a fool out of yourself is never the act of a wise. Read the Online Shopping Lucky Draw Complain; the site is full of it. If you do not learn after the availability of all the information, you are at fault and no one else. 

There is no denying the fact that the team of Shopclues tries their best to resolve the complaint of the customer, but in case of fraud, it is not always in reach of the Shopclues lucky draw helpline


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