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Kelly Ripa Look Of The Day

Kelly Ripa : Kelly Ripa wore a glittering dress at the “CNN Heroes”. The visible seams were a realeye-catcher.   Kelly Ripa (46, “Delgo”) appeared at the “CNN Heroes” in a glittering black evening dress….

Selena Gomez Mega-deal With Luxury Brand

Selena Gomez : There‘s ringing in the checkout line: Selena Gomez has signed with the luxury brand coach a 10-million-dollar deal.   Selena Gomez (24, “Kill ’em of with kindness”) has concluded with the luxury brand coach…

Bella Hadid Their Big Body Lie

Bella Hadid : Only a few weeks ago floated Bella Hadid as “Victoria’s secret“-Engel on the catwalk– sleek and rank like never before. In the run-up to the model had to insert much criticism that…

Kim Kardashian Sexy Comeback in Lingerie

Kim Kardashian : What a sexy back! For the “love” advent calendar Kim Kardashian returns in seductive lingerie in the spotlight   Kim Kardashians sexy comeback Earlier, Kim Kardashians (“selfish”) Instagram feed gushed over before…

Salma Hayek Winner of The Day

Salma Hayek : Salma Hayek congratulates new style icons   The offspring of actor Will Smith, 48, has dusted off the powerful at the this year’s fashion awards in London. Furthermore, Salma Hayek, 50, seems…

Hailey Baldwin Quote of The Day

Hailey Baldwin : Hailey Baldwin: Never nude   “I would pose never topless. I like no nipples.”   Hailey Baldwin never naked in front of the camera Hailey Baldwin, 20, can quite revealing and sexy….