Sophia Thomalla Breakup With Till Lindemann ?

Sophia Thomalla :


Sophia Thomalla noticed recently due to a very intimate farewell kiss with Gavin Rossdale British rock star. Now, Sophia’s permanent friend has moved to Till Lindemannin this discipline


Sophia Thomalla is no child of sadness. Your relationship status is rather opaque, at least for the public. Married with Andy LaPlegua, along with Till Lindemann and petting with Gavin Rossdale. “Rammstein” front man Lindemann has now balanced the score in this drive with a Berlin erotic model.


Till Lindemann then New model


As “Image” reported, the musician kissed now also very dearly in Berlin publicly Leila Low fire. The whole thing took place following a dinner. The 24 year-old Low fire is an erotic model and presenter.


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Sophia Thomalla responds with humor

Addressed to the Sophia Thomalla proves the Fremd knutscher of her on-off partner, humor. Your comment: “now we‘re even. I look forward to Easter with our family”.GALA wishes: Happy Easter!

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