Sarah Connor In Secret Wedding ?

Sarah Connor :


Sarah Connor device in an interview about her youngest son quite in raptures. While it heats again old rumors


Only she has become at the beginning of the year for the fourth time mother, yet, Sarah Connor, 36, was just a few weeks later on the stage. For the singer no problem:baby JAX Llewyn was on tour in March, and her mother worried during the show.


Sarah Connor: “JAX is an incredible baby”


“JAX is an incredible baby. He is like a little Buddha. So peaceful and happy. A Tahitian Angel”, enthuses the 36 in the current issue of the magazine“Bunte”of their offspring. After two hours concert she have but longing for him and his smell, Connor admits.
“Luckily, I silence him fully and pump off a little milk for my mother for the emergency just before the show,” she explains.
Further, she Gushes: “so we have this intimate, irreplaceable link to each other. I love it.” The nearly threemonthold JAX seems to be also easy to care for, as his proud MOM: “he needs not much. Just me and my boobies.”


Organized so it runs when Sarah Connor


Organization is in the Connor home everything no wonder, four children, three dogs and a partner. But despite the stress of everyday life and constant commuting between family and career, she was happy with her life. Her professional success agreeshe is satisfied, but “am happy I about I have four healthy children and a husband, Ido adore”, emphasised the singer.


Secret wedding?


Thus she stirs up the rumors of a secret wedding by the way once more: publicly Sarah Connor and her partner and Manager have expressed Florian Fischer, 42, never do this, but she call him husband… The two are a couple official since April 2010 and have two children together. Only a month earlier divorced with singer Marc Terenzi,38, with whom she has two children.

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