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Salma Hayek :


Salma Hayek with giant pizza


Salma Hayek (“Bandidas” 50) has allowed themselves a huge pizza with co-star Eugenio Derbez (55, “Girl in Progress”). The pretty actress posted a photo of it on her Instagram account. Derbez cuts out a grimace with my mouth full, Hayek seems about¬†to bite into a slice of pizza. “I take a piece by Eugenio Derbez with this cheese”, Hayek wrote in English and Spanish under the photo.


Salma Hayek’s film comes on April 28 in the cinema


The two were recently for filming their joint film “How to be a Latin lover” in front of the camera. The Strip concerns a man who is preferably with older, wealthy women.One day his partner leaves him and he is forced to move back with his sister. The film should come on April 28 in the United States in the cinemas.

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