Kim Kardashian She Can’t Have More Kids

Kim Kardashian :


After the birth of her daughter North and her son Saint Kim Kardashians request will remain probably forever unfulfilled after a third child


She grew up in a large familyeven Kim Kardashian but is can form No. After surgery, which actually should allow you a second pregnancy, she can get any more children.


Kim Kardashians baby wish remains unfulfilled


Her doctors had recommended Kim to become pregnant again, but the 36-year oldhad to close a hole in the uterus to get baby number three. As shown in the final episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” this intervention was however unsuccessful. “I think the operation was a waste and it was just painful,” Kim said. The sad conclusion: Is Kanye West can give no further young and North and Saint no another sibling.


She hired a surrogate mother?


In any case, not in a natural way. The desire of the reality-TV-stars after a baby is apparently so great that Kim plays with the idea to wear it by a surrogate mother. “I think we‘ll try that. It‘s all so frustrating,”she confessed her sister Kourtney Kardashian.

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