Daniela Katzenberger Her Former best Friend Profane About it

Daniela Katzenberger :


Rebecca scratch and Daniela Katzenberger inseparable it once was. Why explained now Rebecca in an interview


In the past Daniela Katzenberger confessed again and again, that she has only a few friends out of fear that others could exploit them and their celebrity. Rebecca is one that really is close to you, scratch. But combining the two blondes has dissolved in air.


Rebecca criticizes scratch on Daniela Katzenberger


For Rebecca, a real friendship consists of mutual interest and willingness to compromise, both go off Daniela however. “Although Daniela and I us mega well understood and had lots of fun, I often had the feeling that it was always about them and that I more and more interested in their well-being she have to as they for mine,” said the 31-year-old to the magazine. Also she “Cat” lack of criticism accusing words which they make sure hard.


The friendship ended abruptly


Already last year Rebecca, who lives with her family in Marbella, could not resist a dig on her former bosom friend. At that time she talked out that Daniela will supposedly very fast very evil, if not something is running, how she has imagined it. The Zickereien of the cult blonde found out they “Legally blonde” during the filming of the docu-soap on his own body. And with the end of the show the friendship of the two women was abruptly over. The contact between the 30th and Rebecca broke down overnight.


Not the first Lasterei


That Daniela not congratulated her for the birth of daughter, Alaia Claire in December 2015, was enough for Rebecca, not to her wedding with entrepreneur Julio last September to invite them. Apparently it has long held at the friendship with Dani after all, “Legally blonde” ended in the summer of 2013.Rebecca’s connection to the wife of Lucas Cordalis but still seems to range to shoot and once against them.

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