Nabilla Benattia “Heiress”: The Fact That Good Fun!

Nabilla Benattia :


Loana said, recently, see his “heiress” in Nabilla Benattia. And this statement has not failed to entertain the question.


They are two of the stars of the reality show. Six years after his last appearance on television, Loana comes back in the 9 angels. Having lived very complicated moments, the ex-Lofteuse is nice and well back, and happier than ever. Idol of the reality show, she confided to the Parisian, evoking Nabilla Benattia, considers as his “heir”. “It is is hard on her as we did with me”, she concedes. As she, Nabilla became “an icon of the reality show”. Often maligned, Loana yet appreciate the young woman. “It’s very beautiful and very intelligent girl unlike any we can think,” the defending does.


For Loana, Nabilla Benattia attack on her boyfriend Thomas Vergara has clearly increased. “What happened is a mistake of course. We should give him a second chance. We all did stupid things”, admits the ex-Lofteuse. Of course, Nabilla couldn’t stay without reaction to these statements. On Twitter, she published the article with emojis crying with laughter… In any case, the two stars of the reality show now seem interested in anything else than this environment. “I do not spit in the soup, but I get to live my mother and me without it,” says Loana, referring to its cachet of “less than 10,000 euros for a week of shooting” in the 9 angels.

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