Kristen Stewart She Wears RASP-Short Hair

Kristen Stewart :


Kristen Stewart presented himself at a movie premiere in Los Angeles with extremely short, bleached hair


Kristen Stewart (26) is always good for a surprise: at the premiere of her film “Personal Shopper” in Los Angeles shocked them with an extreme short hair cut. Their hair was not only shaved off, but also fantal in color. The light color, however, was less surprise, in the past she had shown is actually dark mane without her.


The punk look of Kristen Stewart


Jillian Dempsey, wife of Patrick Dempsey (51, “Grey’s Anatomy“), was responsible for Stewart’s makeup on opening night and wrote on Instagram to a photo of the actress: “what a difference a day makes #kristenstewart so punk”. Shortly after she had posted a picture of the former “Twilight” stars: with Brown, styled back hair, which gave her up in the back of the neck.

The new look has a reason

Celebrity hair Bridget Brager is therefore responsible for the new look. She‘s on Instagram to Stewart’s hairstyle: “We have tried something different today.” Probably has the new style to do something with a film role According to “E! News”should be for the thriller“Underwater”in front of the camera soon Stewart. It involves a team of researchers who must fight for their lives after an earthquake under water.

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