Kendall Jenner Cuts An Over 9,000 Euro Expensive Dress

Kendall Jenner :


Kendall Jenner is a much sought-after model. But apparently became a performance artist as Yoko Ono dear and therefore simply cuts a designer dress for only 9,000 euro


US top model Kendall Jenner (“keeping up with the Kardashians”) apparently loves art and has sense of humor. For the “W Magazine” has the 21 year old a video shot,in which she recreates characteristic works of performance art. Among other “cut piece“, the famous work by John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono (84), in which the artist seated on the ground with a pair of scissors the dresses are cut from the body. Stupid only notes that Kendall Jenner accidentally while wearing a dress, the $10,000 cost as the stylist suddenly “shocked”. But it‘s too late…


After the Yoko Ono disaster she recreates his performance artwork, “Passing Through” (1925-1996) inspired by Japanese artist Saburo Murakami. Here it passes through multiple thin paper walls in the high-fashion outfit. Here, the destruction is allowed.


Secret dream job: artist


“I wanted to be an artist, always,” Jenner said in the twominute clip. “I mean, to be a supermodel is great, Karl [Lagerfeld] is my friend… but I think that an artist is in my soul. If you‘re a model, you‘re a dress-up doll for other people. I want to be now the Director of my vision.”


The game is also Gigi Hadid


But not only Kendall Jenner made their appearance in the video, for an another performance trick she is working together with their bosom friend Gigi Hadid (21). Together, the two models are the artworks of “Relation in Time” and “Aah” artist Duo (70) Marina Abramovic and Ulay, actually after Frank Uwe Laysiepen (73). Properly pull together the two friends cannot rely this however. Kendall employs much more the question whether she got wrinkles in the face.


A special highlight of the series is Kendall’s interpretation of the performance art of the Frenchman Yves Klein (19281963). Thereby, the half-sister of Kim Kardashian smeared (36) faithful to the model only with a body dressed in blue color and falzt is then on the ground lined with white paper. The whole thing seems to do visually fun, maybe is a great performance artist has lost to Kendall Jenner actually.

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