Jennifer Lopez As a Dancer She Was Starving Every Day

Jennifer Lopez :


Before her world career as a singer and actress Jennifer Lopez fought zealously for the breakthrough as a dancer. How far she went in their quest for success, the 47-year-old betrayed now


She looks stunning, is world famous and filthy rich: Jennifer Lopez has reached about what she has ever dreamed up. As a singer, actress and TV juror J.Lo is no longer years of TV screens and top chart positions become indispensable.


In an interview with “US Weekly” the 47-year-old revealed her former eating habits and everything else are as balanced. Therefore, the Latina have allowed only a single slice of pizza a day. That was connected not only with their strict diet together, but also with the tight budget of the native New Yorker.


Only a slice of pizza per day


With estimated assets of around EUR 330 million, Jennifer Lopez might have more today, no problems with the diet. The iron discipline of the US stars seems however to date not to have changed. Still, J.Lo is among the most stars and works hard everyday for their international success.

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