Emma Watson Questionable Beauty Routine

Emma Watson :


Superstar Emma Watson talks openly about her beauty-Routine and reveals surprising details


Harry Potter made her world famous, now Emma Watson is as ‘Belle’ in the real film version of Disney’s “Beauty and the beast” on the screen to see.


While it stems promote diligently day after day in beautiful outfits for her new movie, Emma still found time to give an interview for the online magazine “intothegloss.com”.


Emma Watson: coat oil for the pubic hair


Addressed to your beauty routine reveals the beautiful British unexpected Secrets: “I take a bath every day. If I can, there are also two or three. Simply wonderful! I‘m on the phone even, while I bathe.”


In contrast to many other stars the 26-year-old not only tries to impress with made-up stories. For their hair – and here we’re talking Emma not only their hair on the head – used according to fur oil that otherwise occur when the favorite four-legged friends.

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