Selena Gomez Winner of The Day

Selena Gomez :


Selena Gomez emancipates itself


Your wife is Selena Gomez (24, “Revival”). Because even though she is dating with the weekend (27) now the next superstar, she wants to be not only as “the girlfriend of stamped. She has must make in their previous relationship with Teen swarm Justin Bieber (22, “Purpose”) probably has enough experience. An insider said the Promi portal “TMZ” now that Selena Gomez got sick of only about their relationships to be defined. She was very proud of what they have achieved.


And it can be also truly. With just 24 years, it is one of the most successful singers ever, is the face of the fashion brand coach, has a huge fan base, and is the person with the most followers on Instagram. In fact, their friends could be defined also through them, instead of the other way around.

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