Pamela Anderson Speaks About Julian Assange

Pamela Anderson :


It was the grumpiest message of last week: Pamela Anderson and Assange should be a couple. Now the Badenixe has taken a position


The Canadian cult Badenixe Pamela Anderson (49, “Barb Wire”) has spoken publicly for the first time about their alleged relationship to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (45). Earlier, rumors had come up, the two were lovers, since Anderson was spotted more often lately in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Assange lives there in political asylum since June 2012.


Pamela Anderson takes a stance


But apparently it‘s a purely platonic relationship. How it came to the rather unusual friendship, Anderson described as on the British TV show “Loose Women”:


“I‘m trying to form new friendships with important people in the world. Like Julian Assange”, so the 49 year old.
This seems quite logical, engaged Anderson is but since quite some time charitable.In addition to her advocacy for animal rights, the former Baywatch actress formed afoundation for the victims of sexual abuse, which is openly supported by Assange many years ago.


Julian Assange is an important historical figure


In the further course of the interview device Anderson even properly in the schoolsof Anssange and sees him as a great historical figure: “I think history will look backon it and realize how important it is.” What put Assange the WikiLeaks revelation platform, was even “very heroic”.


If you would like to find out the truth today, then Wiki Leaks was the best point of contact: “I think that‘s important in this political climate”, so Anderson continues. She did not enter on details of the talks. Also, she posted a photo of Assange yesterday about their Instagram account with the Hashtag #historic and #heroic.

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