Madonna Father of Twins Shocked About Adoption

Madonna :


Madonna’s family recently got growth: you brought Estere and place from Malawi to. Now the father of the girl on the adoption said


Estere and place lived in the same orphanage where David was housed, the Madonna legally adopted in 2008. Last spring, whose father raised the charge that is the boy in the singer in good hands. Now expressed also the Dad of esters and point to the adoption, he allegedly knew nothing.


Big trouble for Madonna


Adam Mwale accused that the Ministry, which has been responsible for the adoption of the girl, was not being honest. Him not that Estere and henceforth when Madonna live and she now is their mother was clear. “That can’t be true,” he said in an interview with the ‘mail on Sunday’. It was assumed that the 58 thrive only a good education to the children would be allowed and not, that she would never return to Malawi.


Adam Mwale is desperate


“Now they tell me that the adoption is permanent. That may be true I don’t want it to be true. I am her father and will be always her father”, so Adam next. It is a wonderful opportunity for the girls, said the 40-year-old. In may, he had learned that the singer wanted help and to care for his children. And he who wants only the best for her, agreed to in good faith and was reportedly unaware of the implications.


Must the twins return to Malawi?


But why are the girls at all in a home grown and not with her loving father? After the death of his mother she died in childbirth from Estere and place Adam brought the two to a hospital. There they told him that an orphanage is the better option for you, the farmer said. But other sources say that Adam had neglected them: he wanted to remarry and pull in a strange village without his children. If he now takes action against Madonna‘s adoption, which will become final in about a year, is unclear.

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