Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime Show Of Extravaganza

Lady Gaga Super Bowl :


It was bombastic: Lady Gaga conjured up a spectacle of the extra class on the lawn of the stadium for the Super Bowl. It was also politically


As expected, it was the spectacular performance by US superstar Lady Gaga (30) at the this year’s Super Bowl in Houston in the U.S. State of Texas. The singer convinced it with an energy-charged show that allowed quiet moments when all bombast . In the heated political atmosphere in the USA Lady Gaga already announced in advance, to want to make a real statement. Nevertheless, it was quite patriotic in the one or the other place.


First good 70,000 people could believe their eyes on site and a million TV viewers worldwide barely, when the singer appeared not as expected on the field, but on the stadium roof. There, she agreed that secret national anthem “this land is your land(in the original by folk icon Woody Guthrie). It is a patriotic, but thoughtful start to the half-time show.


Of course, Gaga is also a pledge of allegiance to the U.S. flag: “one nation under God, indivisible.” The obligatory “God bless America” must of course also be missed. But a question remains: was this an affront to Donald Trump only between the lines.Real protest is truly different, it was never planned.


Entertaining, but little innovative


Had enough of policy Lady Gaga however, then hovered seemingly weightless down on the lawn of the NRG stage down. Their fans got then presented a fireworks of their best songs: “poker face“, “Born This Way” and “Bad Romance” were also among the choice of songs such as “Million reasons”, which she performed sitting himself at the piano. In between, the singer had always time, briefly speaking to the audience greeted even her Mama and her Daddy in a scene.


Everything in the all the show was strong, but a little predictable, hardly innovative. Lady Gaga put on the usual: impressive light show, countless dancers, huge Fireworks and spectacular choreography. It was a half-time show from the pop wash, which entertained but perfectly and should also do so in the first place. By the way:, as before in numerous rumors to read Beyonce (35, “Lemonade”) was, did not show up as a surprise guest and Bowl stayed away from obviously Super.

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