Kylie Minogue It Confirms The Honey off With Joshua Sasse

Kylie Minogue :


Kylie Minogue and her fiance Joshua broke up actually Sasse. Now confirmed the singer on her Instagram account


Now it has officially confirmed Kylie Minogue, 48,: the singer and her fiance Joshua Sasse, 29, have separated. On Instagram, which thanked “Can’t Get You out of my head” singer her fans for all the “Love and support” in the current phase of her life.


Kylie Minogue is single again

Further, Minogue writes that she and the British actor now go “separate ways”, “wish each other but only the best”. To do this she posted a photo of a cloud-covered sky is kissed by sunbeams. Matching put the Hashtag #DieSonneGehtImmerWiederAuf.


“He is an idiot”


Kylie is silent about the reasons for the separation. rumors about Sasse had surfaced in the past. Her fans respond Meanwhile, dismayed the honey off, try also Minogue again to cheer her up. “He‘s an idiot, let you go,” it says in a comment. An another user writes: “Your fans are always be there for you.” And a well-intention-ed advice says: “True love will find you.”

The love story is over

Minogue and Sasse had publicly confirmed their relationship in November 2015. In February 2016, the singer and actor finally got engaged. Over their now ex-fiance Minogue said last year yet, she felt like ‘on cloud seven’. But also with Sasse’s should not fold at the end. The separation is probably anything but easy for Minogue. In her life, she has never really had luck in love. The list of their EXEs (including Jason Donovan and Olivier Martinez) is long longer than should be dear to you.

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