Kim Kardashian Her Mother Published The Sex Tape?

Kim Kardashian :


Several sources in the environment of the Kardashians claim that Kris Jenner once released the sex tape of her daughter Kim Kardashian.


It would be the most grumpiest and dubious PR campaign of all time: that Kim Kardashian (36) became worldwide known mainly through the publication of a sex tape with singer Ray J (36, “Raydiation”), is hard to dispute. But what previously looked like an embarrassing accident, should be done deliberately. Not of Kardashian even the raunchy video should have been ‘accidentally’ Act of gel, but precisely by their mother Kris Jenner (61). That should‘ve spoken out according to several U.S. sites, including “Radar Online”, at least a friend.


Also the male star of the videos, Ray J made similar suggestions for a long time. So the action finally had success and Kim was ascended by the it-girl to a global brand. Model for this master plan of Jenner by the way, was the career of hotel heiress Paris Hilton (35). Also her career after all, got rolling when a sex video of her to the public.


That that certainly can be worthwhile, the producer and Kardashian should have betrayed according to “Radar Online” familiar David Weintraub (38): so the video should have made $250 million today! The prize for the best mother there, should not vote really incredible history, but for Mrs Jenner.


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