Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Loss Brings Them Closer

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise :


For five years, are divorced Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, were not in the good. In recent years, their relationship was tense, now the waves appear to be smooth


Tom Cruise mourns his mother. Mary Lee South, died last week at the age of 80. Katie Holmes is her ex-husband at this difficult time to the side.


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes approach again


It seems as if Katie and Tom their discrepancies to the forgotten daughter Suri Cruise he has had not seen allegedly his child for years, but now wishes that she is actress. Katie, but this idea is not at all good. The ex-couple is now United in pain: the38-year old liked very much her former mother-in-law. “She has contacted Tom andher condolences”, revealed an insider to “HollywoodLife”.


Her grandmother died


It has the actress even just with an immense loss to fight. A few days ago, her grandmother died. That Katie in a moving Instagram post wrote: “my beautiful Grandma became today a guardian angel. She was a woman of strength and compassion. I miss her deeply, but I see her wonderful soul in the eyes of her great-grandson, who loved them. I feel honored to be their granddaughter.”

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