Irina Shayk When Is It Finally To Her Pregnancy?

Irina Shayk :


When the “Victoria’s secret fashion show showed her baby belly for the first time Irina Shayk since she is wearing only wide sweater. A statement there was no her and boyfriend Bradley Cooper so far also. When is Irina at last to her pregnancy?


Model Irina Shayk loves it up on the red carpet to in sexy clothes present. Why not!In this body, we wore even tight clothes that show we are as perfect in shape. At this year’s “Victoria’s secret” fashion show was the 31 year-old but something quite different to the show: A baby bump.


To speculate there was after this appearance on the catwalk in actually nothing more. Irina and her friend and Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper in joyful anticipation are obvious. But there have been a public statement. Quite the contrary!


Hidden Irina Shayk in wide sweater her baby belly?


The model is evident since midDecember only in wide baggy outfits. Skinny, sexy dresses seem to belong to the past. Irina wants to hide her baby bump. “But latest photos show despite wide sweater quite clearly: the” Victoria’s secret “Angel must pregnant be”.


When are the couple finally to pregnant? Half of Hollywood is currently young feltAmal Clooney, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Beyonce, Natalie Portman only a confession of Irina Shayk is still missing, to close the circle.

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