Britney Spears Her Niece is Conscious

Britney Spears :


Britney Spears is likely to be a stone of the heart: after the terrible accident at the weekend her small niece Maddie is once again conscious


24 hours ago Britney Spears had asked their fans to pray for her small niece Maddie Aldridge: after the terrible accident, the eight-year girl was apparently in life danger.Now there‘s first all-clear.


Maddie must no longer be ventilated


According to a statement published by “” police, Maddie has regained consciousness on Tuesday (February 7): “The doctors could turn off today the ventilator”, Maddie “breathes and speaks”. Brain damage seem not to have taken the girl.


Worse accident at the weekend


Britney Spears’ 25-year sister of Jamie Lynn Spears’s daughter was killed in an accident on Sunday (February 5) with an off-road quad. The girl apparently was traveling with the little car on the property of her family. As she tried to evade a drainage ditch, it was driving in a pond, where the vehicle immediately went under. Only called for rescue workers managed to free the girl from the seat belt and out of the cold water to save.

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