Beyonce As The Network Celebrates Her Twins

Beyonce :


Imagine you‘d expect twins, and therefore the entire world will disengage. Singer Beyonce Knowles undergoing so currently anyway!


It is currently pursuing the euphoria that has broken out in the net to Beyonce Knowles (35, “Lemonade”), one might think smooth, the singer would have been just single-handedly for world peace. It has announced but “only” with a record-breaking image on Instagram, that her twins offers her husband Jay Z (47). But if world star or just a loyal fan, everyone seem to matter to enjoy with the good news. And if only to make jokes about it.

Beyonce gets twins

The said image is just 15 hours online, since nearly 7.5 million people have provided it with a heart. One of the most famous is her music colleague Rihanna (28). She wrote: “so excited about this post! Congratulations to you and to my big brother Jay! “.” Model Christine Teigen (31) was also via Twitter: “Congratulations for my best friend Beyonce, I love you so much”. And also Rita Ora (26) gave emphasis their joy with many exclamation marks: “yay! Congratulations!!! It’s beautiful!”

The secret is out of the bag

Her mother of Tina Knowles (63) rejoiced in addition to the family increase also that the mystery finally comes to an end. On Instagram, she wrote to the image of her daughter: “WOW! Now I must no longer hold the secret. I‘m soooo happy!” Usual humorous presenter Ellen DeGeneres (59) commented on the baby announcement. On a montage of Beyonce’s picture, DeGeneres smiles into the camera. To do this, she wrote: “I also!”

Must be a bit of fun

Even very many Photoshop artist and amateur comedians take the opportunity to make jokes about the upcoming twin birth in the home of Jay Z and Beyonce. About user commented that it was not the first time Finally, that Beyonce should feed two people at the same time and it posted a picture of her ex-band Destiny’s child.
An other Kidder worried (5) Meanwhile about daughter Blue Ivy. After all, so the justified fear that she will do one day only with $333 million because the twins instead of a heritage of a billion dollars. A user took to conjure up the trouble on himself, with Photoshop the face of Jay Z on two infants with very result.

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