Bella Hadid + Co. Stars Wear The Strapless Panty

Bella Hadid :


Often, we ask ourselves whether some star on the red carpet at all wearing panties under a transparent sexy dress. Now we know: Yes! And they swear on the so-called strapless panty


Deep slit, deeper cleavage and transparent materials many stars not stingy with their incentives on the red carpet. But they wear underwear under such hot clothes at all? Finally a panties under an extremely tight dress would emerge always and especially in transparent fabrics, it‘s almost embarrassing if a Ribbon can be seen. The stars dare is therefore constantly without underwear out of the House?


Hollywood’s secret weapon


Not with safety some others. Because Hollywood has a real secret weapon. Top models like Bella Hadid namely put on the so-called strapless panty. What it is on? The strapless panty is not a Ribbon and a silicone gel glue is held exclusively by. It is an invisible briefs without side panels, which is emerging under any garment and transparent outfits cover the most important. The only requirement: to ensure a good fit, you should be well shaved.


Where there is this underwear?



  The strapless panty is available in various colours and is also not over-priced with equivalent circa 15 euro. Because they are washable and reusable as a result. The best-known model is currently of Shibue Couture. But we can easily imagine that soon large chains and companies on the trend bandwagon to jump on. If those things aswell, as they promise, it would be a true fashion revolution.    


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