Bebe Rexha It’s her Crazy Beauty Secret

Bebe Rexha :


Fashion and makeup: It knows singer Bebe Rexha well out. But even she has self-doubt, as she reveals in the lifestyle interview.


At the latest since their hit single “Me myself and I” with G-Eazy she everyone knows: there is talk of Bebe Rexha (27, “I Got You“). But she not only musically alerts Minaj, David Guetta, or Martin Garrix through collaborations with Nicki is the 27-year-old makes by their unusual and courageous style sensation. The news agency spot on news has hit the singer of Albanian descent in Munich, to talk about fashion and makeup with her and her elicits some secrets here, like their strange beauty tip for pimples.


In a ‘ Billboard ‘ article were your hair, makeup, and her style in the “I Got You” music video scrutinized and the editor came to the conclusion that you have extreme similarities to Kylie Jenner. What do you think?


Bebe Rexha: is a pretty girl and probably I should feel flattered. It is one of the most followed people on social networks, so she obviously do what right. But I find it funny that I‘m compared with her, because I‘m not at all trying to copy it. I want to be just myself.


Does it bother you because, when compared with other characters from the showbiz?


Bebe Rexha: not really. Just when you‘re still new in the entertainment industry, it is easier to put someone in a drawer and to say that it looks exactly like a certain person or sounds for the people.


How would you describe as your own personal style?


Bebe Rexha: I like the urban street style and like to mix the whole thing with expensive pieces to revalue the outfit.


As is her style over the past few years across changed?


Bebe Rexha: I‘m not so anxious and am definitely more risks. One and a half years ago I have dyed to blond hair brown me. It is important on the fashion to have fun, to try new things and to make mistakes.


Have you always been a soft spot for fashion and makeup?


Bebe Rexha: not really, I was always more a tomboy. High heels were not my thing at all, but over the years I went to the fashion lovers. I loved but always make up. I did probably my mother. She loves it as well.


What is your favourite beauty product?


Bebe Rexha: I like the beauty Blender, I use quite often! Then I swear on concealer by Kevyn Aucoin and the cleansing or facial tissues by Neutrogena. My absolute favorite is, but the “Aquaphor” cream by Eucerin. Of them, you get a really radiant complexion. Oh yea, and yesterday I‘ve used vodka to clean my face.


Seriously? You need to explain that.


Bebe Rexha: Yes! Great vodka helps impure skin. This fight pimples and pores close. But then you should absolutely use a moisturizer because the alcohol quite dries out the skin.


You are a person who is in the spotlight. Do you feel sometimes insecure?


Bebe Rexha: Yes, all the time. I‘m as worried about my weight, because I love food so much. Since I am on the road but constantly, it difficult, to follow my sports program. It is in any case totally normal to feel insecure. This includes easy to life. The problem is that many young girls to stars and models look up and keep them for perfect. But I tell you what: I know so many celebs and that they all feel insecure. I think young girls need to know this! It takes a while to love themselves. No one is perfect.


Do you have a specific tip for young girls who do not feel comfortable in their skin?


Bebe Rexha: try to love yourself and find something on you that you like. I think it is important that one focuses on its merits, rather than is constantly on its swap line to bite down. Make you aware that everyone is insecure and self love not from today to tomorrow. It is a daily struggle.

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