Allison Williams Look of The Day

Allison Williams :


Allison Williams beamed at the presentation of “Get out” in an outfit that charmed¬†by his sequins.


Allison Williams (28, “Girls”) lay down a shiny appearance to the screening of “Get Out” in Los Angeles. She chose a two-prater, which consisted of a dark blue Blazer and a matching Chinohose. Highlight of the outfits were countless sequins, which were mounted on the sides of the legs, as well as on the sleeves, shoulders and collar and the bottom hem of the Blazers. You sparkled in bright shades of blue and given the certain hint the outfit glamour. Very sexy: Actress without more clothing under the lowcut Blazer and granted such deep insights.


Outfit combined lace patent leather pumps in dark blue and gold and silver rings and earrings. The blonde hair was been doctored in a complex braided hairstyle in the 50s-style. She chose the bright blue eyes of stressed Williams with black mascara, eyeliner and silver blue eye shadow, the remaining makeup with light blush and clear lip gloss discreetly.

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