Victoria Beckham You Regret her Breast Augmentation

Victoria Beckham :


Victoria Beckham is now their beauty OPs. But in hindsight she wouldn’t let it rather Her umSnip itself


Victoria Beckham is honestly like never before! In a letter addressed to her 18 year old self published by the 42-year-old in the British ‘vogue’, the designer reveals her own beauty and Style vergehen.


Botch on the chest


The most important tip to her teenage self: “Blunders not your breasts around”, writes Victoria Beckham, quite frankly. “All these years I‘m denied stupid. A sign of insecurity. Celebrate simply, what you‘ve got.”


Already rumors have been at the end of the nineties that “Posh Spice” helped to after the birth of their first son Brooklyn with their bust size raised. But then she still claimed: “To me, everything is of course, except my fingernails.”


Victoria Beckham had to again reduce breasts


och had breast augmentation, which probably cannot be denied, it is on photos from that time, the former “spice girl quickly undone. in 2011, she spoke about her false breasts with the magazine “Allure” and admitted: “I no longer have it.”


Victoria Beckham makeup advises her 18-year old ICH also, not so much to wear, so that the skin with “bad Acne” can breathe. Teenager Victoria should take also before a makeup artists in eight, which wants to shave her eyebrows, because “The effects remain forever”.


You enjoyed your fashion offenses


Laughter can the four-time mother however about some fashion violations. “You will so much have fun with your clothes PVC Catsuits, tight chokers that are absurd things, strange lace blonde hair”, she writes to itself. “At award ceremonies you will look like a drag. But I look back at you and smile. To go from one extreme to the other meaning will give your life.”


“Learn to accept your imperfections”, still advises Victoria Beckham’s. However, she could not set a specific beauty obsession. “You‘re always addicted to ‘Elnett’-hair spray, but you‘re going to weaken something. Less of ‘ Hello! “I am caught in a wind tunnel ‘, please.

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