Victoria Beckham Impromptu Duet with Mel C

Victoria Beckham :


“A wonderful start to the year 2017″: the ex-spice girls Victoria Beckham and Mel celebrated new year‘s Eve a reunion on stage.


New year’s Eve, there was a very special reunion: the former spice girls Victoria Beckham, 42, and Mel C (42, “Version of Me”) were for one of their old songs together on stage. There were the spontaneous appearance of Beckham’s new year’s Eve party to see, who spend their winter holidays in the Maldives.


Mel C, also known as sporty spice, was apparently has been booked as the Act of the evening. For the song “2 become 1″ joined after all their former band mate with on the stage, as shown in a picture on Mel CS Instagram account. “Forever candle light and soul. A wonderful start to the year 2017 “, she commented on the common snapshot.


Arm in arm on the stage


In a video that was also posted on the platform, is to see how the two women in thepoor lie and perform together. Especially sweet: Mel C pushing Beckham even a kisson the temple. The friendship of the two seems to be still very intimate even after all these years.


This appearance was by the way, not the only one this evening. A video on David Beckham’s, 41, Instagram page shows that his song was also son of Cruz, 11, “if everyday what Christmas give the best. The Papa wrote proudly “So we have started, 2017″.

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