Salma Hayek Sublime Without Makeup

Salma Hayek :


On Instagram, Salma Hayek is unveiled at the natural. The star has hardly need Fireworks to display radiant!


50 years and always on top. Last September, the actress celebrated her 50th birthday, an age that no one would give him. Since its inception, Salma Hayek is beauty icon. In addition, its pretty silhouette has not changed over the years. The pretty brunette and wife of Francois – Henri Pinault always keeps the same line that many women envy. A flat stomach, then plump forms. Moreover, she selects carefully her outfits to attract all eyes.


On Instagram, Salma Hayek, more confident than ever, did not hesitate to ask a snapshot of her natural without makeup. We can discover that the actress didn’t need makeup to look beautiful and radiant. A post to prove to fans that she doesn’t like either the first day of the week. “It’s my head of: ‘ Oh no! Tomorrow is Monday ‘ “, can be read in English and Spanish in the caption of this photo very widely reported.


Salma Hayek isn’t the first and the only one to have succumbed to the trend of the natural. Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson, Anastacia, are among the celebrities who were recently displayed without makeup on the canvas. We love!

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