Rita Ora “My Body Is Not Perfect”

Rita Ora :


Rita Ora is not satisfied with her body. And, although she often presents itself in sexy clothes in public.


Even superstars like Rita Ora (26, “Poison”) scourge and self-doubt. The singer said in an interview with the “women’s health” magazine: “I have a good body feeling? No.” Because even though Rita Ora is often self conscious and sexy in public, she has less confidence than one would think. “I‘ve never believed, to have the perfect dress size or the perfect body”, as the singer.


They were often women who are dissatisfied with their bodies, so the singer. As a presenter of “America’s next top model who have “I Will never let You down” Stader therefore also the responsibility, the girls to show that size zero is not the norm. That’s why they care, plus-size model Ashley Graham, 28 was to bring in the jury of the show.


That Rita Ora openly talks about her self-esteem, is not new. Because it is a model for the lingerie label “Tezenis”, she already revealed a few weeks ago in an interview with the women’s magazine “Marie Claire”: “I did get many requests from lingerie manufacturers, including large Designer. “But I rejected always them, because I felt that my body for that would not be suitable.” Finally, she have not the typical model dimensions. At the end, she said but then: “that‘s actually one of the reasons why I should do it!”

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