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Reese Witherspoon :


Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman want to show with their new series “Big Little Lies”, “how women are really”


Reese Witherspoon (40, “Legally blonde”) and real women want to show with their new series “Big Little Lies”, which is broadcast on the US broadcaster HBO, Nicole Kidman (49, “Eyes Wide Shut”). The two stars at an event in Los Angeles talking as “Variety” reported. “We should begin to see women as they really are. We need to see real experiences of women. I have enough of them to admire women for their roles as spouses and lovers”, as Witherspoon.


Also the so-called blame on the previous role of the woman in Hollywood “Smurfette principle“, the actress said. This is a phenomenon in film or TV series, in which only a woman in addition to many male actors can be seen. Witherspoon and Kidman want to now clean up and show women at any age and in any situation. Kidman and Witherspoon play not only starring in “Big Little Lies”. They are also the producers of the series, which will start on February 19 in the United States.

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