Miranda Kerr Strips Can Be So Elegant

Miranda Kerr :


She was among the women with the best fashion taste and Miranda Kerr also immediately showed why she is on this list.


Not only in their Australian home is one of the great fashion icons. Supermodel Miranda Kerr (33) was also straight from “Harper’s Bazaar chosen among the 150 best women in the world. And at the cocktail party, where the beauties were celebrated on Friday night in Los Angeles, she also showed why she is one of the women with the best fashion taste.


The 33-year-old appeared in a tight-fitting mini dress by Carolina Herrera, which stood out particularly by the horizontal stripes in different colors in the eye. Above the robe shone with a strip occupied with black sequins, bribed the lower part with a very high slit. Open strappy sandals and a black clutch completed the look. Kerr wore their hair in a strict side parting. The makeup emphasized above all the distinctive eyebrows, her lips also shone in a bright red.

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