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Meghan Markle :


Actress Meghan Markle is young, pretty, successful and grabbed the probably mosteligible Bachelors at all. Since early November, the pretty brunette with Prince Harryis involved. But how has she conquered it actually?


Meghan Markle is currently really to be envied. She is young, pretty, successful as an actress and has grabbed the probably most eligible Bachelors at all.


Since the beginning of November she and Prince Harry are officially a couple. But how has she actually the cute Prince that started?


The “suits” actress is 35 years old, twenty could go through but smooth as a Center.Of course, the pretty brunette must pay attention to their body and their appearance. And it does also.


So that you will soon have the beautiful glow of the girlfriend of Prince Harry, introducing their five most important Beauty Secrets:


1 face massage from the inside


Meghan Markle can only laugh about wrinkles. The 35-year-old has a young, fresh skin, which will exhibit no wrinkles, probably in the next ten years. Their secret? Face massages. But not ordinary. The actress swears by massage from the inside. Regularly visited include the famous beautician of Nichola Joss, whose master customers also stars such as Kate Moss and Kate Winslet Meghan. The treatment takes about 60 minutes and converted just 290 euros. This to massage the skin in a very special way: from the mouth of Joss kneeding the face with special gloves, raising thereby the skin as well as the mouth.

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2. infrared sauna

By 2015, the “suits” actress said that she goes once in a week in an infrared sauna. The difference to a normal sauna: The heat is generated by infrared light. Thereby, the infrared heat penetrates the body from the core out. The upper skin layers absorb infrared radiation, so they quickly enter the organism. There is a “fever effect” that triggers a natural detoxification in the form of sweat.


3. sports

Of course also a Meghan Markle keeps fit with sports. Yoga and jogging are on their training plan. Her favorite workout? A 10kilo metre run. Very nice athletic and unfortunately also time consuming. That’s why the actress also inserts a yoga session,particular hot yoga’s did to her. Called hot yoga or also a Bikram Yoga, has 26 exercises at a room temperature up to 40 degrees. The hot space allows a safe muscle and tendons work, strong sweating detoxifies the body.

4. nutrition

Not only for a good figure, but also for a healthy and taut face the 35 year old eats healthy and balanced. Vegetables and fish are their daily bread. Also, she drinks regularly green smoothies consisting of spinach, kale, lemon, and ginger.

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5. sexy makeup

There is no question that Prince Harry has can be impressed by Meghans sexy look.The reason for this will be not only her makeup, but the actress used a pink shimmering Rouge named “Orgasm” the company NARS for equivalent approximately 24 euros. Meghan sets to the laminating of light circles on a true classic: the “Touche ECLAT by Yves Saint Laurent. Her beautiful hair maintains it with coconut oil.


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