Mariah Carey Embarrassing Performance at New Year’s Eve Party

Mariah Carey :


Mariah Carey should ring in the new year in times square in New York. But at her appearance, a lot went wrong


Ouch, that missed: Mariah Carey, 46, as the top Act was booked at the large Silvestersause in times square in New York and should ring in the new year. The pop diva was also on time on the stage, but what then followed was a real disaster. As the “New York Post” reported, Carey does not sync moved her lips to the music, because their sound problems made to create. After a short time, she gave up and stood on the stage with the mouth closed and hand in the hip.


Mariah meckert go


“Well, happy new year. We had no sound check for this song. It lacks the vocal track, but it is what it is. I try that here athletic to take. “, tried to justify the 46 on the stage. While continued their playback in the background, stackste she bored across the stage in high heels and glittery body and even complained: I wanted to have vacation too, but I don’t have.”

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