Kylie Jenner Platinum For Her Top Coat

Kylie Jenner :


None of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is reflected with so extreme looks like Kylie. Now she caused sensation with a new haircut.


Kylie Jenner, 19, changes her hair color like other their bed linen. While she had caused a sensation last year with, for example, bright pink hair, she decided in the winter, to go back to the natural black. But of the pretty Kardashian sister seemed well enough. On their latest Instagram posts, she shows up with a radical change: a was Bob!


The extreme type change leaves them but uncommitted, with blond hair, which she now looks amazing, she posts only an Emoji to an image. Their fans are certainly excited and Jenner lavish with praise. Remains to be seen whether the bold hair cut soon is the trend of the year and when the it-girl with a new look trumped her

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