Kim Kardashian Star In “Ocean’s Eight”

Kim Kardashian :


A few hours ago, we learned that Kim Kardashian would make an appearance in the movie Ocean’s Eight. His heist in Paris seems to have inspired the writers of the film.


Kim Kardashian, star of the film Ocean’s Eight. These last hours, the famous bimbo made a highprofile appearance on the set of the film to be released current 2018 in the company of his half-sister Kendall Jenner modeling as revealed US Weekly. The two stars have shot a scene on red carpet in a setting resembling the Met Gala in New York. Today, we know more about the role camped by Kim Kardashian. It would seem that his heist in Paris inspired the writers. From Page Six, the scene is “the flight of a necklace of luxury in the bathroom of the Museum”. An obvious nod to the robbery which Kim Kardashian was the victim in last October. Note that it is the first project of the star since his return to the media spotlight following his robbery occurred on October 3.


Kim Kardashian and her half-sister Kendall Jenner aren’t the only figures to be at the movie poster. Actresses Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes or even the singer Rihanna not to mention Anna Wintour have also agreed to shoot scenes for the film which the output is highly anticipated.

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