Kendall Jenner This is Her Crazy Diet Secret

Kendall Jenner Diet:


Kendall Jenner must of course watch her figure as a top model. With this whimsical method, it curbs its appetite.


The celebs are getting crazier diets around the corner. But model Kendall Jenner, 21,is now all in the shade. Their method is to eat less: the walls pink paint! No kidding.


Who now wonders what wall color with the weight on the scale has to do is refer to the psychology of colors. Green should therefore calm and Red blithely make. And pink? Pink Kendall Jenner according to be the only color that “takes you down AND curbs your appetite.”


Actually a very special shade called Baker-Miller should have this almost magical effect to pink. Supposedly even scientifically proven. Well, we know what the rooms of all professional and would-be models will soon be

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