Kendall Jenner She No Longer Wears This Accessory

Kendall Jenner :


It had almost become her trademark. But as Kendall Jenner is now announced, it now dispenses with this it accessory


Last year, there were actually as good as any day when Kendall Jenner (21) seen without her favorite accessory the Choker. But now the model has filed the narrow black collar so it seems forever.


Goodbye Kendall from the fashion trend on their Web site and writes: “I know that all the time I‘ve worn fabric Choker “but at the moment I‘m done.”


It must be wide, narrow and expensive

So Jenner doesn’t want to let away then but but your piece of jewelry has become almost become a trademark. Instead of black satin ribbons, she wraps namely better¬†real chains around the neck. These must be wide, narrow, and also expensive.

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