Kendall Jenner Beauty-OP? Now She Speaks Plain Text

Kendall Jenner :


Kendall Jenner should have undergone allegedly cosmetic surgery. Now she talks about the rumors with clear words.


Kendall Jenner (21, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”) is currently surely one of the most sought after models of her generation. You are nevertheless subordinate cosmetic surgery for quite some time. Now it has responded to the rumors with a clear statement on its website. “This is all so exhausting”, writes the 21 year old. “Why should I change something on my face as a model? This makes absolutely no sense.” Sometimes you get the feeling, the people wanted to see they just lose.


“She defended her-selves, so she is guilty”


Further, the 21-year-old explains why she have not previously defended against speculation. Started with a live chat from her and her sister, Kylie Jenner, 19, in November 2016, on which their lips apparently significantly fuller worked had. She have deliberately ignored the rumors at this time because it would have said otherwise, “you defended herself, so she is guilty”.


The reason for their altered appearance was only her sister. “We had to hurry, so I let me make-up by Kylie,” explains the model. Usually she was wearing barely lip liner or lipstick, but she just have like the makeup of her sister: “I never say this, but I felt so beautiful”. The many bad reactions would have made her very sad: “People forget that they are talking about real people who have real emotions and live their lives just like everyone else also.”

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