Katy Perry Her Own Shoe Collection Is So Hip

Katy Perry :


Katy Perry‘s shoe collection comes out in February: the parts are typical his and their affordable, trendy style Express.


For a long time, singer Katy Perry (32, “Roar”) is working on her own shoe collection.In February, her pieces finally come on the market. In an interview with “Footwear News” she chattering first details and reveal that she have have been thoughts about it for three years, who is the best partner for this. Because their shoes had to be carefully designed and created.


Eventually she teamed up global brands group with the. The shoes will be affordable and cost between 59 and US$ 299 (around 55 to 280 euros). You are in the trendy typical for Perry, designed style. “It is lively, expressive and defining”, the singer describes her collection. There are for example pumps, ankle boots and flat ballerinas with a cute Bunny head on the top of the shoe. Thin heels, wide paragraphs, opentoed shoes, closedtoe shoes, everything is. White, black or colorful the color palette is fully exploited.

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