Karlie Kloss So Well She Eats

Karlie Kloss :


Karlie Kloss shows how a real supermodel diet looks like. And there‘s a surprise because even cookies are allowed!


Looks like a supermodel? The first step is proper nutrition. And who could show better, this looks like himself as a model. Fortunately on Instagram does this Karlie Kloss, 24, quite extensively. “TeenVogue” has studied the eating habits of the beautiful blonde and very carefully worked out, what‘s on the plate. So is the top model meal plan:


For breakfast you can yourself quite a bit: it may be a few slices of whole wheat toast with honey or almond paste and some pieces of fruit (bananas, grapes or melon). There is also an extra vitamin kick in the form of fruit juice. At noon it becomes a little easier. Because models apparently really often access to the salad, enriched with healthy vegetables. In the evening, proteins are then announced. Dumpling loves especially salmon. Also, there are again vegetables and fresh fruits.


Not to forget: cookies!


Up here actually all quite foreseeable future: healthy and easy it should be just. But Karlie Kloss is good in terms of diet even for a surprise. The model namely swears on cookies. Yes, really! Together with the chef Christina Tosi has even its own biscuits called “Karlie’s Kookies placed on the market. A little sweet is so expressly allowed!

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