Johnny Depp Bust Because Of Amber?

Johnny Depp :


The divorce is by: Johnny Depp and amber heard are not a couple more. Johnny the separation may have come to stand but more expensive than previously suspected


After months war of the roses, amber heard and Johnny Depp are officially divorced now since the end of the week. Johnny had it properly to ruffle feathers and sell reportedly even possession to pay the million severance payment to his ex.


Johnny Depp will pay $7 million in amber heard


They‘re now divorced people, their brief marriage is over: amber and Johnny were on 14 January 2017 in Los Angeles before a court divorce. But who gets what after the separation? Allegedly, the 53-year-old retains the houses in Paris, Los Angeles and in the Bahamas. 42 cars, motorcycles and motor boats are available to him. The blonde who places more on animal society and takes the dogs pistol and Boo and the arrow is horse. So not enough: The 30-year will have more some million by August 2018 on their account. It reported “TMZ”.

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