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Irina Shayk :


Irina Shayk has every reason to shine: the top model just wear white in the new year


Supermodel Irina Shayk seems to think it seriously now: A baby by Hollywood star Bradley Cooper should be and already tried his sweetheart wedding dresses! But what looks like the test run to the altar, is part of their job. Irina Shayk is the new face of the bride fashion labels Pronovi as and slipped in the shooting in a wide range of wedding dresses.


Your wedding dress should look like


For a long time US media speculate the news magazine “E!, last News”, that‘s 2017 could be serious. A marriage between Shayk and her partner is not officially confirmed while yet. But at least she knows since the shooting, what to expect from her wedding dress. “The most important thing is that it is convenient. My Favorites are the dresses with lace, because they are both sexy and elegant and chic. And the dress should be simple. I think here, less is more!”


She appreciates these properties


Irina Shayk makes no compromises, however, when her husband in PES: “The most valuable properties in a man are reliability, intelligence, humor and personality.” Bradley Cooper, she seems to have found all this. For 2015, the two a few are. Speaking don’t want them but about him, separates the professional strictly private.


Dream destination for honeymooners


How important is her privacy, reveals also your dream destination for honeymooners: the Maldives. “One of my favorite places in the world! I love the Indian Ocean. It‘s so beautiful there very quiet and lonely.” Perfect for a love vacation for two. Bradley Cooper would surely agree.

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