Heidi Klum Her Mysterious Boyfriend is Michael Hess

Heidi Klum :


In addition to friend Vito Schnabel, there is yet another man in the life of Heidi Klum. They show a repeated familiar to the general public. Now comes out, who‘s the man


Persistent rumors of a relationship crisis between Heidi Klum, 43, and Vito Schnabel, 30, showed the model an attractive unknown a few days ago in New York. Together the two attended the Broadway show “Chicago”. Both laughed, was familiar. It is not the first time that the two scans photographers together. Even a public declaration of love has already made the model the unknown. Now it comes out who is Heidi’s Companion.


Who is Michael Hess?

Vito Schnabel there when the photos of the good-humored Heidi and the man’s no reason to worry. Because the brunette Companion is one of his buddies to Michael Hess .


His grandfather founded the “Hess Corporation”, one of the leading energy companies in the United States in 1933. Hess, the man said to have a penchant for parties and travel, is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard Business School and will join one day probably in the corporate Empire. According to “Forbes ‘ magazines, the oil clan today owns a fortune of 2.7 billion dollars (2.5 billion euros).


“I love you, Mickey”

No wonder that the party to the 30th was birthday of Mikey, so his nickname, somewhat pompous than when an average citizen. This shows an Instagram post by Heidi Klum, who was also charged in August to the exclusive celebration in the super-rich Mecca “The Hamptons”. In addition to pop singer Taylor Swift, 27, and model Karlie Kloss, 24, was also Rap Star Nelly, 42, among the guests. With the oil heir is a song to the best. Klum commented that with: “I love you, Mickey.”

Heidi Klum, Vito Schnabel and Mikey Hess are good friends

Seems so, as would be between Heidi and Mikey formed a close friendship. With the Queen of hearts by PAL Vito, Michael Hess is already longer well: already at a basketball game in October 2014 at the New York Madison Square Garden both good spirits were photographed. A game the US Open a few weeks earlier visited he even together with Heidi Klum and Vito Schnabel.
Looks like Heidi Klum found not only the man, but also a good friend for life beak with relation to Vito.

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