Emmanuelle Chriqui Look of The Day

Emmanuelle Chriqui :


Emmanuelle Chriqui enthusiastically in a tight-fitting dress. An absolute eye-catcher:A cut on height of necklines.


For the screening of “The stars so close” plunked down Emmanuelle Chriqui (41, “don’t mess you mess with the Zohan”) neat in Bowl. The actress wore an elegant, wine red dress. The tight-fitting robe brought her curves perfectly to advantage. A matching fabric belts continued Chriqui’s also narrow waist in scene. A cut on height their necklines gave the dress that certain something.


To do so, the Canadian combined Golden strappy heels and a matching ring, a bracelet and pendant earrings. Her slightly curly, black hair and a natural makeup from mascara and lipstick Chriqui rounded off their red-carpet look.

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