Emma Stone “Every Artist has to Fight”

Emma Stone :


In the interview, Emma Stone talks about working with Ryan Gosling in the film “LaLa land”, her singing talent and the stress in Hollywood.


Regularly before the big awards, one of the major Hollywood studios brings a musical on the market. The business principle behind it is simple: musicals (mostly) well arrive at the audience and they often win many awards. That was confirmed only recently at the ceremony of Golden Globes: dusted there “La La land namely as a whole whopping 7 awards from. Next, the creators and protagonists on one or more Academy Awards hope. In the musical play Ryan Gosling (36, “such as a single day”) and Emma Stone (28, “The Help”) starring.

Emma Stone could very well identify with their role


“La La land is an ambitious project, because the manuscript is an original and was able to follow any old template. For stone, that was for the third time with Gosling before the camera, “it was what appealed to me in this role. I like, this musical is how smart, how much it shows the fight which probably every artist ever must go through in his career”, so the actress talking with spot on news.


The musical tells the story of MIA (stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian (Gosling), a jazz musician who tries to enforce against a tremendous competition in the city of angels Los Angeles . “The musical is also a homage to this crazy city, which so many of us call home today in the entertainment industry, that was a nice incentive for me”, so stone next.


And of course she saw also much of himself in the role of MIA. “Of course. Endless audition for roles that you can’t get it then. Nerve-wracking waiting, the courage to go back the next day, a get more rejection to overtake”, so stone. “Everyone who works in this business knows that.”


For the third time with Ryan Gosling in front of the camera


When it became clear that Gosling, a former “Mickey Mouse Club dancers, would participate in the project, the choice of stone made it easier, in “La La land to play with. “The cooperation with Ryan is just so easy for me. We have a connection that can be hardly described, it slip easily, you can’t train it”, so the 28-year-old.


“I was never a good singer”


The challenge of having to sing in this film and dance, made her but got a little headache. “I never was a good singer, but I have taken more hours, because it has made me so much fun”, so the actress continues.


Stone developed a special strategy for their singing: just a few days before a singing scene stopped to talk, to save her voice. “La La land was previously shown at some film festivals and is now in the cinemas. The audience reacted so far very positive on this movie. Emma Stone has an explanation: “we need a movie like this at the moment. There are two hours in the cinema, you can just relax and not have to think on the stress in your life. This movie is good for just”, so stone.

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