Emma Roberts This Is Her New Engagement Ring

Emma Roberts Ring :


You are the perfect example of an on – / off relationship; Emma Roberts and Evan Peters should be engaged again, for at least a NEW ring on the finger of the actress speaks


In love, engaged, married. This is unfortunately not always so easy. Hardly a relationship status was in the last few years so unclear, such as the Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. They were together, they were engaged, they broke up, they were together again


A flashy accessory


Now, the two not only for the third time to be together again, but again engaged according to the “US Weekly” for the second time. A suspicious ring on her left ring finger, presented Emma with the shopping in Beverly Hills seems to confirm this.


To an eye-catching coat with Leo pattern and black leather trousers combined Emma you probably most striking accessory: A ring with a blackrimmed stone.


Two engagement parties, two rings?


He doesn’t look however the ring, with the Evan Peters 2013 the first time around Emma’s hand stopped Christmas.


It seems to be a trend to get new rings in on – off relationships. That happened also at Miley Cyrus and her on – / off-fiancee Liam Hemsworth. The first engagement ring, the they in June 2012 of the hunger games Star got, had 3.5 carats and sparkled on her finger around a year. Went to the relationship of the two fractions and the engagement was canceled. During a visit to the talk show hosted by Ellen Degeneres, Miley admitted that the ring does not really fit in with her.


From old make new


After the two celebrated together in the year 2016, Miley however began to wear the ring again. For her birthday in November, she received a “Rainbow” ring in the packaging of a Unicorn, which better fits to her then. Liam seems this time fully into the black to have taken on Instagram she thanked profusely her fiance.
 Currently, both relations (thanks to new ring) run super if it stays that way and if there‘s maybe one day even a third ring for one of the two ladies, will show over time.

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