Drew Barrymore Four Times a Week The Same Outfit

Drew Barrymore :


Drew Barrymore draws the same outfit like three or four times a week. For the actress, that‘s no big deal.


Drew Barrymore (41, “50 first dates”) whistles it to score points every day with anew, trendy outfit. The actress is rather on proven. “I just reach in the closet. I tend to an outfit at least one or twice a week to attract… “And with one or twice a week, mean three or four times a week actually“, said the mother of two in an interview with the US magazine “Vanity Fair”.


In terms of makeup, the Hollywood star is changeable, however, a lot. “Flower Beauty” Barrymore has launched its own line of cosmetics on the market. Since 2013, the actress sells its beauty products over the US chain Wal-Mart. But also online, lipstick, eyeliner and co. are available.

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