Ashley Graham Courageous Cellulite-Posting

Ashley Graham :


Plus size beauty Ashley Graham shows her body with all its flaws. Her latest Instagram posting therefore caused a small outcry in the fashion and beauty industry


For some it is the most normal thing in the world, for others a sheer disaster: cellulite. How casual itself is an internationally sought-after supermodel with the tire some topic, shows currently plus-size superstar Ashley Graham.


A model is his brokering

The American beauty posted a photo of himself that ensures powerful sensation in the media industry on Thursday (January 26). To see the curvaceous body of a model is quite relaxed on a beach chair, sitting. But what is it? Ashley’s thighs are clearly recognizable deep dents.
 By their fans, Ashley Graham reaps almost only recognition and respect for so much openness. “You‘re wonderful and such an inspiration to me“, writes about a user.

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